Coverage coming to Holistic Health

The face of Holistic Health is about to change. And ushering in the way is the Choice Network. And now in times of the plandemic, the face of change seems to be needed more than ever.

Modern medicine has refused to acknowledge the benefits of holistic practice and this has filtered into complimentary industries like insurance. We have seen coverage of natural treatment decrease over the years. Continue reading “Coverage coming to Holistic Health”

Should Christians partake in Bio-Energy work?

Several years ago when I attended my first Natural BioEnergetics class, I was amazed at what it really was about. My intention was only to learn how to muscle test and learn how to test for allergies using the technique. I had experienced the muscle testing technique through my chiropractor and never realized that it was completely a response to BioEnergy, energy in laymen’s terms.

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Group mentality or INDIVIDUALISM

I remember writing this 4 years ago. Think it holds even more value today with our current stress situation.

Only you have the power to make changes in your life. It doesn’t matter whether it is a physical ailment, an emotional block or what you see as an imperfection in yourself. Whether you have a job or not. Whether you had C#\!D 19 or not. Only you can change it for the better. Continue reading “Group mentality or INDIVIDUALISM”