Boosting your immune system for the virus

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Yes, here too there has been much censorship. Allopathic medicine, the deep state and Big Pharma have all been playing their part to discredit anyone who dares to distribute good solid truth out there.

Some how they are have succeeded in getting people to believe that they have replaced God. Do you really think that in this time of total advancement, that our bodies have lagged behind and never stayed up to date with their miraculous system called the immune system?

Let me tell you a story. Well, thousands of years ago, a break through was made…..the human body. No one had ever dreamed it up before because no one ever existed before. God, the creator, built this incredible that not only was in His image but was so perfect right down to the smallest detail. No one has been able to re-create anything so grand.

It had all the bio-chemical reactions within it to keep the body going. It had just the right amount of electrical impulses and frequency to facilitate life. And it had all the macroscopic features to keep it functioning daily. It could involuntarily perform the duties it needed to do like digestion, detoxifying itself, recognizing foreign objects (the immune system), facilitating movement, reproduce and so much more. It was a temple that inside of housed our souls.

So where did its ability to defend itself go? When did our body’s immune system stop working. If God made it so perfect, why did this stop working?

The truth is, it never did stop working. Oh, there are people who have become sick enough that they cannot ward off disease. I have my own opinion on that too. But over 95% of people have the ability to ward off disease despite what they tell you.

And without going into any detail of how the immune system even works, there are key things you and I can do to keep it strong or make it stronger in times like this pandemic.

No, we are not advertising a cure. But we are promoting common sense. So where does one start?

Just the other day, I had an article I shared from a prominent NaturoPath censored from facebook. Yes I am sharing this because it shows how our common sense is being eroded away and we are just letting it happen.

Just including Vitamin D (the sun vitamin), Vitamin C and Vitamin A can strengthen your immune system and help it fight off invaders of all kinds effectively. Adding zinc has been especially helpful in these times of pandemics.

Yes it is as simple as that. None of these guarantee that you won’t be affected by the virus but they do increase your immune system’s resilience to fight it. After all, building your immune system up to fight also builds of its ability to store the virus imprint into memory so that it won’t allow a second attempt.

Okay, let’s look at the contrast that government, deep state and Big Pharma would have you believe. And this is why their thought pattern doesn’t make sense.

They are pushing vaccinations. There are a couple reasons. None of which are what they have you believe they are for. They are acclimating you to an even larger threat in the future…..and that is to place digital trackers into your body. Some say that is the “Mark of the Beast. Others just are opposed to being tracked every hour of the day. Regardless, it is a complete invasion of privacy.

But they advertise the idea of vaccinations as the only way to give you immunity. They are censoring articles that promote the boosting of the immune system with vitamins like what I listed. And calling fake news every time someone prints something on how the natural science of nutrition works or even how the body works.

Here is where the flaw in their logic exists. According to them, it is fake news to supplement your body with vitamins that boost your immune system. So my question is, how is their vaccination programs going to work if we don’t keep our immune systems strong by supplementing with vitamins.

In other words, their program does not include a method to keep our immune system healthy so it can respond adequately to the vaccination. Or does it?

The idea of vaccinations itself wouldn’t be a problem in my mind if you could trust what is in them. That is the problem.

What they don’t tell your is that they lace their vaccinations with chemicals and heavy metals designed to trigger an immune response. The problem is, without properly taking care of your immune system in the manner of which I talked about, eventually the immune system tires it out. And a loophole for cancers, auto-immune disease & other disease states sets in.

This is only one way they hope to depopulate the world. Many other things are housed in vaccination that we don’t know about. And right now, deep state, Big Pharma and the government are loosing hold because so many are now going viral on these issues.

Do me a favour, the next time you take the media, the government and Big Pharma at their word, do a little investigating yourself. You might be surprised. Look into the ingredients of vaccinations. And I strongly discourage your from getting the vaccination for the Covid 19 when it comes out.

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