Does Thought Process affect Healing?

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Ever notice those that are sickest usually are the hardest to be around? They have a dismal attitude, always a downer and often seem to whine all the time.

Is that a product of sickness or is it the cause of sickness? 

It can be either one. And until you dive into researching their situation, you always don’t know which one. There are many different types of attitudes on each side of the coin. From the hypochondriac to the super hyper positive person, it all has an effect on your wellness.

Whether people become negative from prolonged sickness &/or pain or they are destined to sickness and pain from their personal emotional wellness, you will see.  Varying types of emotional unwellness is apparently on both sides. You will find those who never believe anything will work for them and doubt every possibility. You will find those who they feel they benefit from the negativity where they need everyone to feel sorry for them. This attentions feed their needs. And there are those who need to drag everyone down with them…..commonly called energy suckers.

I can usually spy the one who is not going to get well as soon at I introduce myself in my office. Does that mean I don’t give them my utmost? No, it doesn’t. If I cannot convince them to change their attitudes, I have to leave it in their courts. 

You see what we speak and do is usually brought into being. If we say we have a certain disease, we tend to hang onto that disease and a part of our identity. And thus, healing is harder to come by. And those who keep talking and sharing and dwelling on their sickness tend to stay sick.

In the same way, if we speak life and wellness in ourselves, we tend to find wellness much more readily. These people tend to heal faster.

Those who walk away from a treatment because of their attitude just haven’t ventured in the journey far enough. Their negativity stirs up negative hormones which in turn stirs up disease, pain and unwellness. The body stores the negativity like a dam. And at some point, that dam has to break. Disease, unwellness, pain is usually the breaking point.


As Human Beings, we have a tendency to speak stuff into being. We make ourselves believe something is going to happen and the next thing we know our body is preparing for that outcome.  Is it magical? No, it’s psychological! That is why psychological wellness is usually coupled with physical healing in Natural and/or spiritual healing.

So if you are searching for some answers, maybe one area you should search is your emotional health. Changing your attitude might just give you a break through.




The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

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