Dr. Phil on the damaging effects of the lockdown.

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Yes, there has been some backlash on his view point. But come on people, Dr. Phil is a professional in his area of psychology. I think we all should sit up and listen about what this professional has to say.

He is a celebrity but that shouldn’t ditz him for his professional opinion. If you are a Yes man to authority then don’t both reading my blog. In my natural health profession, mental health plays as much a role in good health as does eating good and exercising.

In my opinion, avoiding a virus is probably the worst thing we can do for immune system. Exposing it to stimulus is what, in part, builds into a strong part of our health.

Like-wise, with out mental health, by keeping us away from socialization, we are in danger of loosing our mental acuity. Cognitively we suffer.

But those are two portions of our wellness that actually co-exist. And if we stop looking after one of them, the other one can suffer severely as well. If our mental health goes down, so does our ability to fight off disease.

So when this man says that if a lockdown continues it could play a very negative role in our mental wellbeing, we need to sit up and listen. But not only do we need to sit up and listen, so do our elected representatives.

Dr. Phil answers questions from the general public in this interview. His answers are valuable. The note and plan to make a difference first of all in your own life!

Please  watch this interview and take note. Dr. Phil talks about real stats about mental health. And if you feel inspired, do something to support his cause. And take note of any advise that Dr. Phil has for the average family.



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