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Fact- Checked by Choice Vitality

In this growing times of censorship by the big tech giants, we are face with a growing need to rewrite history. Cancel culture has gripped everyone and Facebook is no different.

I was scrolling thru my FB feed when I came across this meme that was apparently fact checked obviously by a bot or person no more qualified to judge truthful information than the devil himself.

It tend to tap into these fact checkers to judge for myself. And that is what the fact checkers tend to do. They actually seem to bring everything to the viewers attention.

Honestly, there was nothing untrue about the meme. And the joke was on the fact checker because meme’s are not designed to tell all the facts. Just to call out attention to the obvious which is what this meme was doing.

Anyhow, the meme points to a dark time in our modern history where the lives were atrociously affected by money hungry drug companies that sent a drug to market without proper testing.  Thalidomide babies were the result.

The series “Call the Midwife” actually touched upon this and the harm that this drug had inflicted on precious little babies.

Originally Thalidomide was marketed to the general population as a sedative. It didn’t take long for the medical community to note its advantages as a wonder drug for curbing morning sickness. It wasn’t long after that babies were born with severe malformations of the limbs. Some babies had almost none at all. Some babies were fortunate to only have minor mutations while others were faced with life altering circumstances.

Believe it or not, thalidomide is still in use! Today it is used to treat certain cancers and skin disorders.

Thalidomide first came to market in the 1950’s. Back then, drug testing wasn’t as rigorous as it is today. No one thought about testing it for long term and even birth defects. Thalidomide made it to market after only some basic testing for the use as a sedative to help people sleep at night. Thalidomide had mild to no hang-over like effects which made it’s popularity as a sleeping aid so much more desirable.

Soon after, it’s effect to counter morning sickness occurred because of these same non-inebriated effects.

These birth effects were not formerly tied to Thalidomide use until the early 1960’s. Dr. Widukind Lenze and Dr. William McBride were accredited with tying these birth defects with the drug Thalidomide after more than 10 000 babies had been affected.

Learn more on the history of Thalidomide here.

Today drugs are now required to undergo rigorous testing, sometimes as much as 20 years before hitting the market. And even when they do hit the market, they are only approved for what the studies approve them for. That doesn’t mean there isn’t off label prescribing today, we do see it occasionally. But the hopes is that the rigorous testing will at least show us some feedback of possible side effects in certain populations.

But are vaccinations required to undergo the same testing?

And now Pfizer and Moderna have released their versions of the new Covid 19 vaccination with less than 9 months of research.

Coronavirus vaccinations have been attempted in the past. All have been unsuccessful. All attempts in the past resulted in devastating effects in animal testing phases. Now, n this new race, many are skipping animal trials and going straight to using humans as guinea pigs.

It’s not just the lack of research. It’s the type of vaccination that is being released.

First of all, it is a new type of vaccination. In my opinion it is not even a vaccination at all.

Real vaccinations employ the idea of triggering an immune response using dead or attenuated viruses or bacteria. Not to mention all the adjuvants that are several times higher than any recommended dose.

Ninety five percent of these vaccines are laced with aborted fetal cell lines and preservatives and cancer causing ingredients. I recommended “The Truth About Vaccines” docuseries to learn more about these ingredients and individuals vaccine information. 

But the new vaccine is not this old style vaccine. It is what we call an RNA vaccine. RNA is the building block to code DNA and although they tell you it is to code a protein, they are only telling you a half truth. It will recode your DNA with this genetically modified RNA.

Yes, you will now become genetically modified. This has implications on so many levels.

Your regular additives are already there but this vaccine also includes additives that may serious harm your privacy in the future.

I am including several video links to help educate you on this subject. Honestly, these doctors do a much better job at explaining this vaccination than I could ever do. And I encourage you to watch them all and then do your own research.

Remember this information is from doctors that have researched the vaccine. They are not conspiracy theorists. They are using expert medical opinion and knowledge to deliver this information.

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Dr. Carrie Madej

Think Bill Gates is a wonderful man?  Here is another video that one should consider when researching vaccinations. Bill Gates is playing a huge role in the Coronavirus scene. And it is not for the reasons you think.

Watch this Bill Gates Deleted Documentary Here

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