Other Health Concerns Put On Back Burner Due to Covid 19

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A 48 year old woman who was previously diagnoses with a concussion after a fall in early February is trying to return to work only to discover that her stiff back was more than just stiffness that she thought was related to remaining on bed rest after the injury.  The Covid 19 lockdown starts and she seeks medical attention for the injury. But is told that she is not an emergency. Yet the Covid 19 numbers in her province do not prevail and remain low.

The pain levels from the back rise to 9 out of 10 on the pain scale. A simple neuralgia is far more than that. It is preventing her from walking properly and she is at risk of falling again. It feels like something is torn and that her hip is falling out of the socket.

Simple over the counter pain medications like acetomenophen or ibuprofen just do not work. Supplementing with natural health pain options do not work.

She heads to the emergency and is told she can have a two week supply of gabapentin but beyond that, she has to get a family doctor to investigate. But her family doctor left town three months before. And no one is taking new patients. After insisting at the doctor’s office to transfer her to the new doctor and have a phone appointment conducted, she finally gets another prescription when the prescription runs out.

Her boss insists she goes to the emergency. She does and all they do is refer her to a specialist. But here is the problem. The specialist will not take you until the Covid 19 crisis is over. The chiropractor is not even seeing emergency patients. What is she to do?

This is a similar scenario to many patients seeking true help. Real life medical conditions are on the back burner now. What do these people do. And since one-on-one complimentary health care has been halted as well, these patients are in a real bad spot.

Some natural health professionals are able to give guidance in tele-health appointments. This has been helping some. Still others who require first hand help from chiropractors and other hands on professionals, they have found it very hard to get what they need.

Professionals like Naturopaths, Natural BioEnergetics Professionals, counselors, etc can offer some help through online appointments. Depending on the natural of the situation, this may or may not be what they need.

Has the government and healthcare thought of this. Probably not. However, there is a deeper underlying issue that many call a conspiracy theory? Do we go down this road? I don’t know, do you decide.

I do encourage you to look to other options like some of these specialist. In times of distress, they can be your saving grace. Whether you issue is physical or psychological, help from these people through online telehealth services could mean the difference between sickness and wellness.

And let’s face it, stress makes you more susceptible to any virus, let alone Covid 19. So by taking care of yourself the only way you can, you should make your immune system more versatile in fighting foreign invaders off.

I encourage you to take a look at other options.

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