Dr. Phil on the damaging effects of the lockdown.

Yes, there has been some backlash on his view point. But come on people, Dr. Phil is a professional in his area of psychology. I think we all should sit up and listen about what this professional has to say.

He is a celebrity but that shouldn’t ditz him for his professional opinion. If you are a Yes man to authority then don’t both reading my blog. In my natural health profession, mental health plays as much a role in good health as does eating good and exercising.

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Just Looking at the Covid-19 Statistics

There are two types of people out there. Those who choice to go along with everything that they are told and those who choose to question everything. Who are you?

A few weeks ago I responded to a comment on this blog that I eventually deleted. It was obviously spam but it indicated that I was ignoring the Covid 19 pandemic. No I wasn’t but this site was on the back burner right about then as I was ramping up for other projects with the Covid 19.
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Anatomy of Healing

There is a spectrum of healing that most people do not understand. And every form of healing works to some degree within that spectrum. Some forms of healing work across more of the spectrum than others.

This spectrum does not look like a rainbow but it has some similarities. Like as in a rainbow where if you you removed a color or two, the rainbow fails to persist with the grandeur it would of with the full spectrum. The same goes with healing, if one part of the healing spectrum is missing, full long lasting healing is nearly impossible to accomplish.

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Does Emotion affect our health

Numerous studies are beginning to come out on past emotional trauma and its effects on people’s current health. Astoundingly, the results seem to be showing a correlation especially in relation to pain. PTSD can be a tragic thing for many. Old memories can be triggered in a number of ways. And in some cases, the PTSD can result in chronic pain and other illnesses. Although the client does not think it’s psychological, the underground root could be strongly connected to a psychological element.

The following post is actually a true story. The Names have been changed to protect those involved. But it is used to illustrate how symptoms such of chronic pain can be a result of PTSD.

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Why is there an increase in gluten intolerance today?

We see an ever increasing rate of irritable bowel, diverticulitis, crohn’s, colitis, bowel cancers, skin disorders and/or rashes, cramping, brain fogginess, and many other issues that are popping up and a greater frequency than a few decades ago. Why is it so?

Many would like to blame it solely on the increased population but the increases are out of proportion. There must be another answer. And some like to say that our techniques are just that much better today. But honestly, our diagnostic techniques today, although better, have not improve to that exponentional.
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