Sugar Daddy/Baby Scams – the real story


When you google Sugar Daddy Scam online, you get the complete opposite of what you expect. You find a lot of links for men (sugar-daddy) scamming younger women (sugar-babies) or older people offering to pay off debt and then scamming something in return as in this article.

This is probably not what actually happens most of the time. The sugar baby is not the person with money. The sugar daddy is and has the most to loose.

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A Rising Wellness Technique – Testimonial Pt I

Natural BioEnergetics is a rising technique that has been showing merit in helping people work through emotional and physical restrictions. many are starting to realize that dealing with emotional stress is key to moving forward in some areas of physical unwellness.

In this series we are going to look at some testimonies from some clients who have been using this technique and find the value and worth in it. These upcoming videos show not only examples of some things that can be done in NB but also some personal success stories on how NB has helped these individuals

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Emotions Verses Physical Health

Some people say what does psychological health have to do with my physical health? Or they say my problem is pain in this spot, why are we doing a psychological or emotional correction?

Well honestly the answer is much more complicated than you think. But the simple answer is that your body works as a whole and not only in little parts.

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Protests Rise as Lockdowns Continue

Lockdowns are continuing, tempers are growing, Mental Health is strained, Censorship is at an all-time high and protests are starting to climb. We are seeing more and more protests start to rise as government control rises.

As a test in society, I posted on my personal Facebook wall last night an article about the difference of socialism & communism. I was disappointed at the response. I only had a few results.

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Health Nut News: Interview with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

Dr. Shiva has interesting thoughts on these current events of today around the covid crisis. Dr. Mercola conducts this exclusive interview outlining some valid points on history up to now. Dr. Shiva is MIT trained and the original developer of the email system.

I encourage you to read this article at Health Nut News and listen to the interview to be brought up to date on Covid 19, political facts and more.

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My Intention was Never To Talk About This Stuff

When I started this blog a few years ago, my intention was to just post common sense articles about your own health that people could access so they could help themselves at home. It was a blog outside of my natural health business and therefore just wasn’t connect to it yet I posted truths in it that I would coach my clients with everyday.

Yes, I would dabble with the blog off and on. I was a one-woman show so it was hard to keep myself on tab for both my business and this website. So I posted when I could. And then life circumstance changed and I almost lost my marriage. I had to close my business down and basically this blog was left for a rainy day. I had to just concentrate on myself for a while.

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Definition of Pandemic

A friend of mine pointed this out the other day. Based on this definition can we apply the meaning to the Covid 19 crisis?

Let’s take a closer look at this and determine whether Covid 19 is actually a pandemic. Let’s look at the actual statistics and compare them to the expectations of what a real pandemic is all about.

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Other Health Concerns Put On Back Burner Due to Covid 19

A 48 year old woman who was previously diagnoses with a concussion after a fall in early February is trying to return to work only to discover that her stiff back was more than just stiffness that she thought was related to remaining on bed rest after the injury.  The Covid 19 lockdown starts and she seeks medical attention for the injury. But is told that she is not an emergency. Yet the Covid 19 numbers in her province do not prevail and remain low.

The pain levels from the back rise to 9 out of 10 on the pain scale. A simple neuralgia is far more than that. It is preventing her from walking properly and she is at risk of falling again. It feels like something is torn and that her hip is falling out of the socket.

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Nurse Developes New Mask with N95 Capabilities

Healthcare professionals are faced with PPE deficiencies in the system. Hospitals and health authorities are limiting them in the amounts they can use. Governments are putting sanctions on businesses like 3M limiting what they can export. Healthcare workers are told to use bandanas, etc! It’s easy for government officials to say when they just sit in their nice little comfy office chair! Who is really suffering? The frontline workers who take care of those who are sick!

So what would one do? This nurse took things into her own hands. She developed a new mask with vital material that makes it at least as good as an N95 mask. Will they be able to use it? Or will the frontline workers hand be strapped once more?

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Boosting your immune system for the virus

Yes, here too there has been much censorship. Allopathic medicine, the deep state and Big Pharma have all been playing their part to discredit anyone who dares to distribute good solid truth out there.

Some how they are have succeeded in getting people to believe that they have replaced God. Do you really think that in this time of total advancement, that our bodies have lagged behind and never stayed up to date with their miraculous system called the immune system?

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