Should Christians partake in Bio-Energy work?

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Several years ago when I attended my first Natural BioEnergetics class, I was amazed at what it really was about. My intention was only to learn how to muscle test and learn how to test for allergies using the technique. I had experienced the muscle testing technique through my chiropractor and never realized that it was completely a response to BioEnergy, energy in laymen’s terms.

I was a Christian and this was foreign to me. I was never taught this concept. In fact, we had a set of blinders on that told us that this was evil or even heresy. We were told that it was only of the the New Age movement and we had to stay clear of it or we were going to hell.

Even though my entire class was Christian, I still had to come to my own understanding of whether it was good or evil. And a few months later I was shown a chapter in the bible that changed everything.

I am not only writing about this journey but I am also shedding some more biblical light onto the subject that Christians do not properly check out for themselves. You see refusing to research it properly doesn’t excuse you. It also doesn’t excuse you from improperly using bio-energy practices.

After receiving this revelation through scriptures only a few months afterwards, I felt I could pursue this a career in the future regardless of whether I was working with another Christian (of which my practice is predominantly made of) or someone of another faith.

Several months later I was challenged yet again. I was neither prepared for the challenge nor willing to challenge the person back. You see, Natural BioEnergetics works a lot in the psychological level removing blocks that keep you from moving forward. Those issues with moving forward could be just manifesting in the physical form like your health or they could be in areas that keep you from succeeding personal in goals or dreams. Basically in a nutshell,  this form of Bio-Energy work that I did  is a non-talk therapy that allows you to deal with baggage that has accumulated and kept you staying back or is moving you backward in your health, your emotions and other areas of everything that is you.

This is the same area that God calls sin, fear,  etc. We basically work in those areas and assist you in accepting the Holy Spirit and God’s love for you. And we work with teaching you to self-love yourself.

The challenge came when a friend came to try out what I was doing. Purely, some stuff from her past (I am assuming because she never shared exactly what) came up that she thought she had dealt with. Obviously she had quietly locked them away in a place where she could forget about them. The following day she told me that I was working with the Satan because of that when the Holy Spirit really wanted her to work through those problems.

Since then I have seen her actively protesting against any BioEnergy modalities stating that they are not of God.  And maybe some are not of God. If I have posted science based stuff in support of certain aspects, She has actively tried to indicate that they are not of God.

Have I been bitter,? No! Absolutely not. She is not at a place where she is willing to move on from. Obviously a strong message came to her that day from the Holy Spirit but she was unwilling to act on it.

Did that set me back.? No, I talked with associates about it. Scripture was re-enforced to me and I have since learned that if a person is unwilling to accept the help at that time, we have to wait until they are ready to do the work at a later date. This is entirely how God works. It is the concept of “Free Will.” God does not force us to accept Him. Or even to work on ourselves. We have to choose to do so. And as a healer, I have to go ahead with the example that Christ Jesus has laid before me. That people have to choose.

Mark Chapter five.

Actually it is not the whole chapter. But it is profound in what it said to my heart. After originally questioning whether it was okay to go ahead in this training, these few verses spoke volumes of how Jesus healed people.

In chapter five, it talks about the woman with the issue of blood. I believe it is in most of the gospels. Obviously it is very important on many levels if they all have an account of it.

This woman had been bleeding for 12 years. We don’t know exactly what it was. It could of been uterine cancer, fibroids or who knows what. That wasn’t important. But the woman had heard about Jesus healing people and sought out after him.

In those days, an issue of blood mean you were unclean. You couldn’t touch anyone else. You were separated from the community. You couldn’t have anything to do with anyone else. This woman had spent all her money getting help. Most likely, her family had deserted her.

But all she could think about was “If I just touched his robe, I would be healed.” And she risked everything to go through the crowd that was around Jesus and touch his robe.

Then you see Jesus stop because he “Felt the healing power go out of him.” This is the verse God showed me that changed everything for me. Power is also energy. If you look up synonyms of power or energy, they are listed for each other. That was profound for me.

Yes there is more to the story but let’s focus on this little part. If Jesus is using energy or bio-energy work to heal person, why is it so wrong? Or what are Christians referring to when it is wrong? Why can’t we use it in our healing?

First of all, there are some aspects where it is wrong. As a Christian, we need to look at where it is coming from. Who is delivering it and how it is being delivered?

Most Christians think about one single incident in 1 Samuel 28 and the Witches of Endor. These were mediums which is a completely different subject. Mediums usually say they are accessing spirits of the deceased. And the witches brought up the prophet Samuel who had expired earlier. Samuel was angered and prophesied Saul’s death. These are the verses that Christians are so blatantly against. And it is for good reason that they are.

As a Christian, I could never allow myself to take part in such an act and when another bioenergy consultant (in another field) came to me for a treatment one day and said she had to tell me something after the treatment was over, I was really alarmed at her word. A little old lady came to her talking about oak cupboards. Eventually we realized it was a some spirit representing my grandmother. I am not sure if it was really her but I really struggled with the fact that whatever it was came to me without me even looking for it.

I consulted one of my Christian NB associates because it didn’t sit with my soul. And she reminded me of 1 Samuel 28.

So here we see two biblical examples of bio-energy at work. One is good and is from Christ Jesus. And one is bad and an example of evil people accessing energy to perform forbidden acts by the enemy. So is bio-energy work all bad? No it is not.

So is prayer energy work?

In my bachelor’s degree training, one professor, a medical integrative doctor and mentor, talked about this concept. He talked about an experiment that was done with live blood analysis before and after prayer. Interestingly enough, the lady in question had cancer. The blood picture completely changed after 20 minutes of intercessory prayer and in the live blood analysis the blood started to appear much more normal. His summary was yes, that is was a form of Bio-Energy healing but he said that two weeks later, the blood was back to what it was before.

The problem is, often we don’t keep prayer for the individuals. If we were to continue praying for these individuals until they were healed, we would get much further with their healing.

Now is it the act of one person or is it the act of God? Well we all know that we are praying to God and we are relying of the Holy Spirit to come in and do that healing. Matthew 18:20 states “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them.” And I believe that this prayer experiment is living proof of that.

In a way, prayer is a form of distance healing. We are calling on God, Jesus and or the Holy Spirit to intervene and heal these people even when we are not there physically.

What else have I gleaned from Mark Chapter five?

There is a lot more that I have learned since from that verse including  from a sermon today from one of our pastors. My eyes were really opened up to how much was actually packed into those few verses. I wasn’t sure exactly where the pastor was going at first but I realized how much more corresponded with the teaching I received in Natural BioEnergetics.

As our pastor mentioned, the healing started with a thought. The thought that “If I just touched his robe, I would be healed.” This speaks out on so many levels in both physical and bio-energy healing. Although the pastor wasn’t speaking from a bio-energy point of view but he was bang on with the message.

Thought process is so important in healing. It sets the state of mind. It also brings you to a point of accepting healing. I believe that healing is available for everyone, but like salvation, you have to receive that gift. No, that doesn’t mean that being healed from your sickness will determine whether you get into heaven and have eternal life when you leave here but I believe it is a state of mind.

Obviously this woman came to the state of mind where she believed she would be healed by just touching his robe. And she was reward by that faith.

I have noticed this with myself. In 2020, I had a bad year. I had a head, neck and back injury after slipping on ice. I had to set my mind to accept help from fellow associates in the healing process. And I noticed by going to the alter for healing and allowing myself to receive it made all the difference in the world in my healing journey.

It also shows the idea of intention. Not only was she willing to receive that healing but her intention was to be healed and she was met where she was by the healing energy that passed through Jesus to her body.

Often what I see in bio-energy healing is intention. All the factors have to be right and those who have received the most healing are those with the right intentions for receiving that healing. You see there are so many factors that contribute to receiving healing. All of which have potential to block the true healing process. These not only include many that I have already listed (fear, sin) but can also include past experiences, personal identity issues (ie, You identify yourself with that condition or how you see yourself) and more.

And if there was another woman with the same issue at that time that did the same thing, she may have not received the same healing because her mindset, and her intention was not right to receive it. Faith alone doesn’t heal you because it may not be focused on the right thing. Intention, in a way, is a form of faith.

Now this can go a little farther. I have had people walk in my office and say I will give you a chance and see what you can do for me. Well, that is remarkably the wrong attitude or even intension. Because right there, they have no intention of even receiving the healing that is being offered to them. Ninety nine percent of the time, these people walk away disappointed.

Healing comes not only when they are willing to receive but also when they are willing to do their part. State of mind has a lot to do with it. That doesn’t mean that you can’t receive a miracle. But if your Free Will isn’t allowing you to receive it and/or do the work necessary for it, then healing you most likely will not receive.

As a Christian, I amaze even myself at what God does through me and recognize that the healing comes from Christ and the Holy Spirit. I realize that Christ is only using me as a vessel to provide that healing and all thanks is due to Him. The Holy Spirit guides me through the process. So whether you want to call it the universe, energy the great spirit or whatever your heart desires, I recognize that it is actually the Holy Spirit guiding me to what is needed and done. Because I recognize this, I have seen great miracles where only God can be responsible.

So should Christians take part in Bio-energy work? It all depends and it is up to you to understand who, what they are doing and from what point of view they are delivering the work from. There are other aspects out there beside what I have wrote in this article but you need to research it and understand where it is coming from.

I don’t allow myself to take part in any modality where a non-Christian approach is the basis. Likewise, I try to only take bio-energy treatments from those who are Christians. And if you do allow someone who is a non-Christian to work on you, there is the possibility that you could open yourself up to spiritual warfare oppression.

All I can say is that you research the method, the person’s faith and how they work before you ever consider booking an appointment for work with them. I am fortunate with Natural BioEnergetics. I have yet to see anything that goes against Christian Ethics in it’s approach.

The modality itself does not touch in any New Age activity like past life regression, mediumship, etc. It actually works on the principles of science based study in the methods it uses focusing predominantly of thought repetition, thought exploring and emotional  reproduction. Some allergy corrections as well as a few other physical based recreation or structural set ups, or even self-touch may be occassinally be done. This is why it works great across long distance (like a zoom appointment) as the NB Specialist instructs you how to set it up and the correction proceeds from there. When I do this, I use the Holy Spirit to set it up. You wonder how that works? Well I talk more about some of these things in another topic.

But what I want you to remember, it’s not so much how it is done. Even Jesus spoke, touched or even had his robe touched for healing. All of which were a form of energy healing. Today, it is usually thought based as we do it through prayer and request of God.

In the case of the woman with blood, Jesus did not ever realize she was there until after she was healed from touching his robe. He realized it when he felt the power move out of him. There was no direct touch, there was only distant healing there. And as my pastor said, it started with a thought. That thought came from her  “If only I could just touch his robe, I will be healed.”