Advantages of what exercise can do for you besides weightloss & fitness

Most people think of weight loss or fitness when you talk about exercise. And most people don’t stop to think about the other advantages exercise provides.

I remember leaving the gym in the morning with the best feeling ever. And it had nothing to do with losing weight, strength training or even being more physically fit. It was the “on top of the world” feeling that I would receive after every workout. Continue reading “Advantages of what exercise can do for you besides weightloss & fitness”

Letting Fear Control Your Immune System

There are two types of people out there in this pandemic. There are those who choose to let fear rule them in the wake of the pandemic and there are those who don’t.

We are not talking about conspiracy theorists here. And we are not stating whether the pandemic is truly dangerous or not. We are simply talking about the difference between these two types of people. And what that means for your health. Continue reading “Letting Fear Control Your Immune System”

A Rising Wellness Technique – Testimonial Pt I

Natural BioEnergetics is a rising technique that has been showing merit in helping people work through emotional and physical restrictions. many are starting to realize that dealing with emotional stress is key to moving forward in some areas of physical unwellness.

In this series we are going to look at some testimonies from some clients who have been using this technique and find the value and worth in it. These upcoming videos show not only examples of some things that can be done in NB but also some personal success stories on how NB has helped these individuals

Continue reading “A Rising Wellness Technique – Testimonial Pt I”

Protests Rise as Lockdowns Continue

Lockdowns are continuing, tempers are growing, Mental Health is strained, Censorship is at an all-time high and protests are starting to climb. We are seeing more and more protests start to rise as government control rises.

As a test in society, I posted on my personal Facebook wall last night an article about the difference of socialism & communism. I was disappointed at the response. I only had a few results. Continue reading “Protests Rise as Lockdowns Continue”

Other Health Concerns Put On Back Burner Due to Covid 19

A 48 year old woman who was previously diagnoses with a concussion after a fall in early February is trying to return to work only to discover that her stiff back was more than just stiffness that she thought was related to remaining on bed rest after the injury.  The Covid 19 lockdown starts and she seeks medical attention for the injury. But is told that she is not an emergency. Yet the Covid 19 numbers in her province do not prevail and remain low.

The pain levels from the back rise to 9 out of 10 on the pain scale. A simple neuralgia is far more than that. It is preventing her from walking properly and she is at risk of falling again. It feels like something is torn and that her hip is falling out of the socket. Continue reading “Other Health Concerns Put On Back Burner Due to Covid 19”

Dr. Phil on the damaging effects of the lockdown.

Yes, there has been some backlash on his view point. But come on people, Dr. Phil is a professional in his area of psychology. I think we all should sit up and listen about what this professional has to say.

He is a celebrity but that shouldn’t ditz him for his professional opinion. If you are a Yes man to authority then don’t both reading my blog. In my natural health profession, mental health plays as much a role in good health as does eating good and exercising.

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