The Problem with Asymptomatic Transmission

Fact- Checked by Choice Vitality

The “Powers That Be” would have you all believe that asymptomatic transmission is a fact. But are there a few holes in that theory? Is there really such a thing in this whole Covid 19 pandemic of asymptomatic transmission? Or is it another fear tactic that the media and government would have you

Let’s examine this a little closure and look at documents and information founded  by other professionals and see what they have to say about this whole thing. And let’s take a look at a different theory as to why authorities are trying to stick to this analogy.

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The Covid PCR Test was never intended for mass worldly testing

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The PCR test has been around for 35 years but it probably hasn’t entered into everyday language until this past year – 2020 – with the onset of Covid 19. It is the test that was wildly utilized to test the population for their active infection status for Covid 19.

But what really is the PCR test? What is it normally used for? And what is it’s limitations? Why should we be skeptical about the findings of this test? Continue reading “The Covid PCR Test was never intended for mass worldly testing”

Here is the missing information Facebook

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In this growing times of censorship by the big tech giants, we are face with a growing need to rewrite history. Cancel culture has gripped everyone and Facebook is no different.

I was scrolling thru my FB feed when I came across this meme that was apparently fact checked obviously by a bot or person no more qualified to judge truthful information than the devil himself. Continue reading “Here is the missing information Facebook”

Group mentality or INDIVIDUALISM

I remember writing this 4 years ago. Think it holds even more value today with our current stress situation.

Only you have the power to make changes in your life. It doesn’t matter whether it is a physical ailment, an emotional block or what you see as an imperfection in yourself. Whether you have a job or not. Whether you had C#\!D 19 or not. Only you can change it for the better. Continue reading “Group mentality or INDIVIDUALISM”

Letting Fear Control Your Immune System

There are two types of people out there in this pandemic. There are those who choose to let fear rule them in the wake of the pandemic and there are those who don’t.

We are not talking about conspiracy theorists here. And we are not stating whether the pandemic is truly dangerous or not. We are simply talking about the difference between these two types of people. And what that means for your health. Continue reading “Letting Fear Control Your Immune System”