New Covid Research shows promise of melatonin in prevention of Covid 19

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One thing is for sure, my whole family has become more attentive to our health through this Plandemic. No longer are they taking science as fact. That is because most science is opinion or “do as I say” instead of proper science research protocol. A real disappointment and embarrassment for someone like myself who worked in a lab setting for so many years.

The problem is that it is backed up by government funding/political agendas or big companies which sway the results to support their needs. Let’s face it, eliminate all data that is contradictory to the opinion of the agenda or product and you can market whatever you want and say it is safe. But when independent studies are done, that is when you get the real results. Such as what happened in this study.

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Health Nut News: Interview with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

Dr. Shiva has interesting thoughts on these current events of today around the covid crisis. Dr. Mercola conducts this exclusive interview outlining some valid points on history up to now. Dr. Shiva is MIT trained and the original developer of the email system.

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Boosting your immune system for the virus

Yes, here too there has been much censorship. Allopathic medicine, the deep state and Big Pharma have all been playing their part to discredit anyone who dares to distribute good solid truth out there.

Some how they are have succeeded in getting people to believe that they have replaced God. Do you really think that in this time of total advancement, that our bodies have lagged behind and never stayed up to date with their miraculous system called the immune system?

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