The comment I wanted to post in response to this masking article

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I saw this article on Global the other day and honestly, the article itself didn’t phase me. There was some truth in it. The article was about masking and specifically about wearing it under the nose.

I am both a health care professional and I run a private business as the only Certified Natural BioEnergetics Specialist in Saskatchewan. I look to things scientifically. If there is true scientific facts, than I  don’t bother (notice I said true). And they were right about one thing in this article, wearing a mask under your nose provide less protection.

I do find it hilarious to read the comments from time to time. Personally I tend to not get involved but this time I really wanted to.

A lady made a bashing comment about how she had encountered this 100’s of times a day and how mad it made her cuz she didn’t have time to be sick…..clearly self-centered and most of the replies called her on it. I so wanted to respond with fact but my post would of been much too winded.

The original article can be found here:

As a health care professional I am bogged with numerous emails at work on a daily basis on all elements of the pandemic. We quickly scan over them to see if there is anything new we need to do and then move on.

Somewhere between those emails (some of which warn of outbreaks) and information provided by leading experts in our great province in media interviews, I gleaned out several weeks ago…..that despite the local covid 19 contact tracing warnings issued of potential contact at certain businesses at certain times and dates, the chances of catching coronavirus in passing like that is slim to none. But they have to warn the public anyway.

The same rules applies to the mask under the nose. Yes of course, if you wear the mask under the nose, you might as well not mask at all. But let’s look at this in a little more detail.

They recommend two meters between you and others to prevent the spread. Normal breathing doesn’t even extend that far. The two meters is based on the idea of droplet precautions which is one form of isolation procedures in the hospital. PPE is required inside that zone when caring for a person on droplet precaution isolation. Usually in the hospital, once entering the isolation room, full gown,masking and gloves is required.

That is because sneezing, coughing and even spit from normal talking can travel up to two meters in droplet form. However passing someone in a grocery store that is two meters or more apart and is not talking, sneezing, or coughing (mask or no mask) has a very low possibility of passing the virus on to you.

And even if they were, most of the coughing and sneezing today (this season in our province) is still allergy related with the finishing of harvest and the dusts in the air from it.

The other part to this is, your mask is virtually useless after 20 minutes. You have probably saturated it from the moisture in your breath after that length of time rendering the mask ineffective (if it was in the first place). Cloth masks are probably in even less time.

Did you know that health care workers in Saskatchewan were limited to only 4 masks a day per 8 hour shift (5 per 12 hour shift)? When going in an isolation room, you are to discard your PPE upon leaving. One nurse could easily surpass this rule with one isolation case. This four or five mask rule severally flies in the face of any isolation procedure. Anything outside of those common isolation practices could spread the virus to others.

No I am not saying health professionals disregarded proper protocols. Just that we were mandated that many masks per shift.

I am all about challenging our immune systems so we can build it up stronger. Once exposed, you illicit certain biochemical and cellular responses within your body to recognize foreign invaders thus building a sort of memory file in your body databanks for future exposures to the same virus. And constantly masking is counter productive to that concept.

I have resd that There is some hypothesis out there that if you have fought off a coronavirus based cold in the last couple of years, you might have a better chance of fighting it this round. I think more studies have to be done in this.

I do acknowledge that we have to protect our elderly and those with immunosuppressed conditions. But those people should be the ones taking the precautions to limit contact with other people.  Or the implementation of long term care restrictions should be in place to protect our aging population.

Those with a healthy immune system should be allowed the right to exercise it. They should not be subjected to having their immune system (almost in a sense) atrophied.

Lastly, I want to address the role of fear in the pandemic. There are two types of people. Those who are letting fear rule them and those who do not. Those who do not fair much better health-wise.

Keeping yourself in a constant fear state sets your body up to actually getting virus and this is how.

When you are in a state of sudden fear, you release a series of negative hormones that basically trigger your flight or fight mechanism. But if you allow yourself to stay in that fear state,  that mechanism shuts down and you could actually go into a freeze state.

The body will tolerate this state for a while but eventually it has to give way. It will surcome to  a disease state of sort. Whether it is infection, mental health decline, cancer, etc. Yes, this could make you more susceptible to even Covid 19 because your body is already too stress from all the negative hormones running through it.

In my journey of working towards my Phd in Natural Medicine, I actually learned this concept from a medical doctor who is an Integrative Specialist.

So to those who live in fear, you need to take control of that fear. If you don’t, you might find yourself in a place you don’t want to be.

I am the one you need to connect with for controlling those fears. I specialize in emotions, stress and fear. I am a Natural BioEnergetics Specialist and guess what? I can work with you by Zoom.

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