2020 has been an interesting year – will it end?

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This year – 2020 – has been very interesting. Never did we think the world would shut down like it did. No one ever dreamed it was possible. But then it did!

We were shut in. Almost forbidden to do anything and everything we once took for granted. Business shut down. Churches shut down. And media built up the fear in everyone.

A couple months later, some businesses managed to continue but other businesses closed their doors forever. Those who couldn’t make the changes to survive in these time simply had no choice.

No one thought it would go much more than a few months. But really what do you expect when you lock everyone down. Countries deliberately bankrupting their citizens. Governments overspending to win those who were most desperate over to their side. Now many countries are going bankrupt.

On the health side, hospitals closed services down in order to geer up for this unknown virus. But Covid 19 didn’t come with anywhere near the vengeance they once thought. The ICU beds didn’t fill up anywhere they were expected to. And the death rate never came near the expected death rate.

But keeping the main population being exposed to anything forces your immune system into an atrophied state. Now Allergies are as much as 10 to 20 times worse. And that was all to keeping people in doors and not out where they can strengthen their immune system and keep the tolerance up. Basically the immune system has stopped functioning as soundly as it did once before.

By keeping the immune system from getting exposed to this virus gives a false sense of hope arises. The media did not help by blowing this out of proportion. Now people truly believe that the only way to go back to normal is to have the vaccination.

But truthfully, I do not believe things are going to get better even with a vaccine. The only real way to have permanent protection from the virus is to be exposed. Because the vaccine studies that are in the forerunning are not even truly vaccines. Yes, that is right.

A vaccine is either a dead or an attenuated virus or microbe to trigger your immune system into responding and building natural protection. These vaccines are usually lined with an abundance of additives and adjuvants that are all harmful to your body, not to mention, aborted fetal cells that the vaccine was cultured in.

But these new vaccines are not made up like the above. They are an RNA virus which is synthetically programmed to change your DNA. Yes, that is right and these new vaccines can potentially be programmed to do anything your government sets their mind to. Even kill you.

This BioEngineering could be ushering in the “Mark of the Beast.” Most speculated it would be a microchip and maybe that will be incorporated with it eventually. But there was a new biotechnical enzyme that was patent and will most likely be in most of the vaccines that make to market. This enzyme will have a form of nanoparticles that will work very much the same as a microchip.

Watch the video below.


Do we need to be concerned? Do we need to fear the plan at hand?

Well, these might be the marks of the new norm. We all have to be prepared. We all have to check our beliefs at the door. Whether this vaccine has the potential to be the actual “Mark of the Beast” or not, we all should be concerned with the fact that it is a new concept rushed to market without proper testing of long term effects. It rushed to market, and in some cased skipping certain stages of testing.

So before well all run out to get the first vaccine available, we all need to do our research.