A Day in the Life of Someone Who Should Be Mask Exempt

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All is fine when the alarm goes off in the morning. No thought is really given as this person gets up, showers and proceeds to go to work.

The vehicle is started and allowed to warm up. Sometimes even twice depending on how cold it is. Still nothing to worry about because it doesn’t require a mask.

Next it is making sure that she has a clean uniform for work. She has to to change in and change out as she arrives or leave work in these new pandemic rules. No, everything is still okay. And sets her back pack by the door.

Even as she goes out the door and fetches her favorite organic coffee from the local drive thru, everything is still okay. And even as she prays to the Lord as she drives to work for protection of herself and all her co-workers, she is still okay.

But the moment she walks in to the temperature check in station at work, everything changes. That is where she has to mask. And seconds after that mask is applied, she begins to feel a heaviness in her chest and a need to tense up and fight for air.

Only recently she realized that was because there was a time when she had to fight for air. She was only 16 at the time when she had to fight for her life. She thought she was over that all these years.

Her stepmother held her down when her father was out working one day. The stepmother sat on her back with her arms pasted to her sides as the ordeal continued. The stepmother yanked her throat back by clutching her throat with both hands in an attempt to choke her.

Adrenalin (epinephrine), the hormone responsible for fight or flight, kicked in as she fought for all she was worth. She eventually managed to buck her stepmother off of her but that wasn’t the end of the trauma.

The stepmother used that moment to re-enforce the control over her and proceeded to make her feel that she was better off dead.

The step mother was maybe one month pregnant and said you could of killed my baby while not even taking in consideration that she almost killed her husband’s oldest daughter. Knowing full well that it was impossible for her step daughter to even reach her belly with the direction she was facing. No one knew that the step mother was even pregnant. But the step mother made it appear as though her step daughter had planned everything. This was ammo that she continued to use and painted a story that her step daughter was a murderer, a baby killer and a sociopath.

All the while, feelings of fear, hurt and insecurity plagued this choking victim. And today, as she walks into her place of employment, she puts on a brave face. Yes, she has done the work to get thru the abuse the she received so many years ago but this is just one little remnant that still needs work.

The moment a mask goes on, she feels trapped. She can’t get air. She feels her chest get tight. These are only a few symptoms. She has also developed chest congestion much easier, possibly due to the fear.

Often you will see her away from others where she can pull her mask off to catch her breath. Or you see her grabbing her mask and pulling it far enough away to catch a quick breath. You may thing these are all normal things but usually in a trauma victim of strangulation, it is much more intense.

Why hasn’t she said much. Well it was almost recently she realize where it came from. No one will listen to her otherwise. And why would anyone believe her now, she has forced herself to comply for the sake of her job.

But things are starting to make sense. All those nightmares where she felt trapped all these years. In fact, in some of them, she dreamed that her vehicle was taken away and she couldn’t escape.

When she was newly married, she remembers kneeing her husband in the butt as they slept while she was dreaming she was fighting to get away from her stepmother. Often these dreams were the same repetitive circumstance over and over. Always with a dreaded fear of being trapped

As she got older, the dreams were more distant but when masking was required in her job, they started to occur again with more frequency.

Now, what does one do. Its a personal thing in your life. Yes, you need to get help. But sharing it all of a sudden after not talking about it for years. No one would believe you.

This is just one scenario that masking can be a problem for. This kind of trauma is not always seen and therefore not always recognized. Something like masking could set some one off into a very bad state. And then who’s fault would it be.

Of course this is just one example. Anxiety/depression disorders can also be a problem as well. And what about people with medical issues or even disabilities. In the beginning people who had asthma were allowed to not mask. Now they are demanding that they do. Yet, more and more illnesses are being attributed to the whole masking issue.

Earlier this month I did an experiment on whether masking can lower your O2 sats. Although the experiment needed to be more refined and more participants in it to actually become a study, the experiment did prove one thing. Yes, O2 Sats can be lowered at least a few points. This may not be outside of normal ranges but it could be enough to cause panic symptoms for certain people.

A few hours ago I received a post from a friend. It was on a study about masks and their efficiency to decrease Covid infections. It was interesting to see that there seemed to be an increase in Covid infections (according to this one study) associated with masking when it was made mandatory in many countries. It was a cross country study.

This study is a long read but is a good study with some very real results. Of course many will find ways to debunk it. But Remember, the term debunked, does not mean disproven. It just means that a skeptical person has just set out to find holes in it or make it go away without properly setting up their own study. Debunking is not necessarily proven scientific study. There have been many professional debunkers over the decades. Usually debunkers are paid people to find ways to make something look like it is discredited by finding unrelated facts that make them look untrustworthy. Many of which, when challenged, will walk away from the fight. Snopes and the Fact Checkers are some of these paid debunkers. They do not actually set up the studies to disprove what they are debunking.