Anatomy of Healing

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There is a spectrum of healing that most people do not understand. And every form of healing works to some degree within that spectrum. Some forms of healing work across more of the spectrum than others.

This spectrum does not look like a rainbow but it has some similarities. Like as in a rainbow where if you you removed a color or two, the rainbow fails to persist with the grandeur it would of with the full spectrum. The same goes with healing, if one part of the healing spectrum is missing, full long lasting healing is nearly impossible to accomplish.

“What is this spectrum?” You ask? It is simply the four elements required for full healing. And allopathic medicine maybe only touches on one or two areas but never the full spectrum.

The four pieces to the spectrum I am referring to is the physical, the nutritional, the psychological and the spiritual. Some modalities only work in one area and don’t recognize the rest. Unfortunately this is only semi-productive.


My experience is that each of these areas reflect on the other and the right balance is required to work through the healing. The physical, the nutritional and the psychological are easy to access but the spiritual needs to be accessed by one or all of the others. I am not talking about religion. Religion does not refer to anything spiritual…..only a set of rules you adhere too.

What I am talking about is the deep spiritual bruising that happens when you try to hide and ignore your need to heal. Often this is accessed most through the psychological side of the spectrum.

Think of these areas like pillars and your health is being supported by them. If one is knocked out, the rest cannot support the weight for very long, if at all.


The physical portion of the spectrum

The physical is where you see the symptoms. This is what everyone understands. And most cannot grasp its connection with everything else.

If you think of you body as a community of cells all with their own specialized jobs. They communicate and contribute to the community much like you do in your community. However, if the government of that community is like a Hitler and subjects that community to extreme stress, over time the body will feel the effects. Negative hormones are good in the short term when it comes to the fight or flight response but when the negative hormones are exerted over a lengthy period of time, the body has to give and the results are usually seen in the physical whether it was in pain, inflammation, the breakdown of an organ or function, etc.


The Nutritional portion of the Spectrum

Nutrition is an issue regularly in today’s society. We all understand some things to it but we don’t understand it to it’s depth. Quite often some people think that it is the only area that can bring total wellness. They cannot be more wrong. With processed foods and restaurants all at our finger tips, convenience seems to over ride good nutrition. This exerts stress on the body that often results in a physical issue.

As a medical lab tech, I would say that I see at least 80% of the urine tests coming through in the lab indicate that our diets are a big problem. Proper diet paves way to the resistance of inflammation, cancer and infection. When this is out of sync, we blow everything from pH to our microbiome. These are the key areas to start when working on nutrition and when this starts to come in check, we start to see improvement in the other areas.

Psychological and Spiritual

One of the key areas that most people want to resist is the psychological. But 100% of the people I have worked with have all experiences in the psychological that are causing blockages. These may be a result of the injury/illness or they may have been pre-existing before the condition and is keeping the individual from progressing forward.


Emotional stress often results in pain and other illness because the body simply cannot cope. It’s not just the negative hormones I mentioned earlier. Over time, Trauma can block a person from going forward as well. Emotional stress can lead to physical pain. And very often physical pain is related to emotional stress. And most people do not want to admit emotional hurt affects their pain levels

I think part of the reason is that there is such a stigma around mental illness that they think it implies that they have mental illness. No it does not. I am not referring to the psychological need to go see a shrink.  Not that counselling is something they shouldn’t do. I am talking about the stuff that normally isn’t pointed out through regular counselling.


These psychological areas may prevent you from progressing through your natural healing. I have seen one psychological block lifted and an individual miraculously heals almost over night. Most are not so fast because emotional hurt builds up in layers.

But through the psychological, issues in their spiritual being are often unearthed, like belief systems, philosophies and more that prevent your spiritual well-being from healing. Deep rooted psychological trauma can take hold in this level making it difficult to overcome the next step in healing. It sets your whole spiritual pattern. It includes your whole concept of who you are according to God. If this is damaged or distorted through life experiences, your whole concept of this can be greatly affected.

The full spectrum

As you can see they are all connected. One affects the others. That is why I chuckle under my breath when someone comes into my office and says “I will see what you can do for me.” They are refusing to acknowledge the full spectrum of healing and what their role in it is.

To have true healing all of these areas need to be balanced. And those that are open to balancing this truly find their way to true healing. Unfortunately many disciplines or modalities work in one area or another and some, further yet, just work only on a portion of that area. Is that considered bad? No, however it may require some people to seek help in other areas to reach the full spectrum of what they need.


It comes right down to a full lifestyle change. You hear about this in both the weight management and the fitness industry. But essentially it is required in the alternative wellness industry as well. No healing will occur until you grasp a total lifestyle change in all of the pillars of the spectrum.

Those who come in looking for a magical touch are usually disappointed. But those looking for wellness and are willing to go the extra mile to get it usually find their journey stretching over these four categories. And these people are generally not disappointed and are willing to do the work involved.

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