Big Tech Manipulation

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Fact Checked By Choice Vitality

January 6th marked the explosion of a new type of life for everyone in the world. There is controversy on what actually happened. But despite what happened on the capital, the door for full spectrum communism was ushered in.

Months before, the ground work was laid down with fear as both the media and left wing political groups and social media grasped hold of the people by scaring them into believing they could die if they stepped out of their home. Now almost a year later, experts have concluded that statistics indicated the death rate has not even gone up.

From falsified PCR tests to blown up statistics of falsely reported deaths, it was all enough to make at least 50% of the population to believe the world was coming to an end. Censorship had been rising for a couple of years and increased during the plandemic however since January 6th, 2021, the next step was ushered in.

Deplatforming had been occuring all along but not to the extent of what happened in January 2021. Big Tech had the strong arm and they showed how they could destroy a little guy with one fatal swoop. His business and his safety gone instantly overnight when both his apps and his website was obliterated from the web. Parler was was destroyed.

But this has been happening for awhile. Most people hear about just the censorship. But did you know that google has been altering statistics for sometime. In early April I did a statistics video based on the covid statistics of that time. I quoted those statistics, Supposedly right at the time from google in the video. You can see the video below.

It is interesting how statistics have been manipulated since then. And now when I google those same statistics, the numbers have changed

It was amazing at what we found. A simple education in math presented a completely different picture than what officials would have you believe.Even though the data has changed, the picture isn’t much different in the way they are calculating. It still remains less than 1% will die from Covid.

What has changed?

This is interesting. At the time of that video, the flu season had just ended. The statistics posted then on google from the CDC was over 63,000 deaths from last winter’s supposed flu season in the USA. And it took six months to get there. We were only 4 months into Covid then and the numbers were not comparing with the flu season.

Interestingly enough, the USA then reported all kinds of flu other than Covid. Yes, technically Covid is a type of flu. The number released was 63 000. I reported these numbers in the video I released then.

But Canada only reported influenza A & B, and H1N1 flus. So their death-rate was falsely much lower than the the USA. This allowed the false inflation of the Covid 19 statistics to look worse than they really were.

Canada was smarter originally out of the gate than the USA with their deceptive reporting. Now, nine months later, we have a completely different picture. I guess the USA caught on. Or at least deceptively altered their numbers to make Covid look worse than it really is.

Somehow, that 63 000 deaths miraculously turned into 22 000 sometime between April 2020 and January 2021. What really happened?

At the time of this article, there was 389 000 deaths related to Covid 19. It took 13 months to get here and we all know about the incentives out there for medical centres to falsely claims Covid as a cause of death.

Why is there a change on the statistics from nine months ago? Well, I can’t say for sure but there are some theories that I can throw out there.

First hypothesis, The USA switched to Canada’s method of reporting thus reporting only influenza A & B and H1N1 flu. Or, the USA transferred 59 000 of those flu deaths to the Covid side thus falsely inflating the Covid number yet some more.

And maybe you have more theories. One thing is for sure, neither the published flu stats or the published Covid stats are not trustworthy anymore.

Stuff like this has been published on Big Tech for several month and then Fact-Checked to see if it fits the narrative of left wing agendas and population control. Usually, viable research has been removed to favor their narrative and push towards communism and bigger wealth of Big Tech. There is a belief out there that we need to depopulate the world. It has been out there for decades. All the Big Tech are a part of this thought process. Don’t be fooled, this Big Tech control is trying to keep information from you for their own reasons.

So what should we do?

I do encourage you to leave Big Tech if you can. We have dwindled our posts to a bare minimum on Big Tech with the eventual goal to move it to other platforms. Yes Parler was taken down but there are groups out there working to decentralize social media (much like Bit Coin) so that it is harder to take down.

However until that is fully done, there are good alternatives out there. Here are some good platforms that have either less censorship or no censorship and are big proponents of Freedom of speach;
TCN Social

Decentralizing and Blockchaining Social Media is  new talk. This is a term coined through BitCoin. Although much more complicated technologically than this, on the simplest level, when using these kinds of platforms, your data isn’t save i  one spot. This makes it virtually impossible to delete or censor and hard for Big Techs to mine your data.

Some of these decentralized block chain social media platforms are;

  • (However Mastodone has apparently joined the ranks with Big Tech and is closing accounts that promote truth about Covid. Apparently they censor truthful information as well. We will be deleting our involvement with Mastodone if they cannot do proper research)

Now Freedom of Speech does not mean hate speech. So honestly, if you are considering going to these platforms to illicit hate, I wouldn’t think twice about it. But Freedom of speech, sharing of research, views, healthy debate and peer review should always be welcom.

So I encourage you to start your presence on these platforms. And As you build your presence there, promote your change over on the other platforms and decrease your presence on Big Tech. You may not be able to quit cold turkey but even decreasing you presence there, you send Big Tech a message.

By mid January, The Stats decreased drastically on Facebook and Twitter as many began to flock over. I personally have had people reach out and ask where I am hanging out now. And I have forwarded this list to them. I encourage you to follow the millions that are already flocking to the other platforms and send Big Tech a message.