Coverage coming to Holistic Health

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The face of Holistic Health is about to change. And ushering in the way is the Choice Network. And now in times of the plandemic, the face of change seems to be needed more than ever.

Modern medicine has refused to acknowledge the benefits of holistic practice and this has filtered into complimentary industries like insurance. We have seen coverage of natural treatment decrease over the years.

I remember nearly 30 years ago, all I had to pay was $10 for a chiropractic treatment and today those prices have rose to more than $50. Non of which was a result of economic increase but the decrease of funding for the services. Coverage portions have been either decreased or the coverage of some Holistic services was removed altogether.

Today The Choice Network has introduced a new option for Holistic health. It’s not insurance but it is a benefit plan. Using the concept of membership benefits for all members, the Choice Network has developed an alternate way for coverage for Holistic services.

It is comparable to Automobile membership plans like CAA or other similar clubs. Special benefits in those plans are given to the members like; free boost, tows. Or even discounted services like travel insurance, hotel/camping rates or even reservation services. The idea of these is that the members pay into these plans for special benefits. And that is the model that The Choice Network is working off of.

As with many insurance plans, different levels of coverage are available. But coverage is not the only benefit. The Choice Network also includes education, wellness tools, promotional tools for professional members, and uncensored social media.

There are both client and professional plans available. And now there is a social media only plan as well. TCN endeavors to build a place of support, learning, a referral system and even social activism in the Natural Health industry. By building a community like this, TCN believes that we all could usher in a a new era for all.

And as the membership grows, TCN hopes that the members themselves with give input as to what the membership needs in the future. Today (Fall of 2020) TCN is in Stage One of their launch as the recruit a diverse cross section of professionals & Natural Health Product retail/wholesale providers for their platform. They have worked in a re-occurring commission system right into the platform so these professional earn commissions from referrals into the system. This is just another benefit within the TCN Platform.

Included is also a directory, an events promotion and a special offers section. Professionals can also market themselves as experts by building small personal wellness education into the system. And TCN Social is a social media platform where all can connect and keep true peer review that is being squashed in the leading social media platforms.

Learn more at The Choice Network.