Culturing and Fermenting

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For someone who is new at this, it sounds a little gross. It really isn’t. Fermented foods are a great way to get some probiotics into your gut and replenish microbiome that many of us have actively destroyed or seriously injured on the years.

Kefir, water kefir, kombucha are just some of the things you can start with and they are relatively simple to do in your home. I have even joined facebook groups that can help you along with learning to culture and ferment.

I started culturing about 4 years ago. And ever since I found a new appreciation for it. It not only improved my health but it also helped improve my regularity.  Today I mainly culture kefir and kombucha.

I use kefir for my smoothies in place of yogurt. It just seems to add the right amount of zest or bite to them. I have even used kefir in place of yogurt in recipes like an eggless muffin recipe.

And I like to drink daily a few ounces of kombucha. On the second ferment, you can easily flavor your kombucha with any fruit or even organic juice.

Here is a pdf file to Health Benefits of fermented foods.

Here is a link to learn how to make water kefir.

Here is a link to an awesome facebook group to help you some of your culturing needs. In this group you can find recipes and guides to help you along.


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