Debunked or Disproved?

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There has been much discourse lately over whether Covid is real. But the the research I have done indicates it is. And those who believe it isn’t have very good reasons as to why it doesn’t appear real to them.

I have just finished watching a 9 part docuseries by VRevealed – COV!D Edition that featured doctors, researchers, specialists and other professionals involved with different aspects of Covid. Although they varied on their professional opinions of some of the issues surrounding Covid and some of the minor details, I was able to ascertain that it is a true virus. But there are many things that just don’t add up.

Right from early on in the lockdowns, I said the statistics do not add up. They don’t seem to jive with what is actually going on.

They said hospitals were over run with patients yet they were a ghost town locally and provincially. News reports showed hospitals overrun with Covid patients in New York but in the series information was leaked that they were all transferred to a 400 bed hospital in New York while the 5000 bed hospitals down the road were basically empty.

It also stated that malpractice went up under the name of Covid. Normal healthy people that were fighting the virus were placed on ventilators which resulted in the death of many of them. The mechanical breathing somehow impaired their ability to fight the virus after that.

In some countries, financial incentives were available for claiming covid on diagnosis and on death reports. One doctor claimed in this series that he was told he had to take an updating course on how to fill out a death certificate. He told them where to go as he had spent 30 years filling out death certificates and he was pretty sure he knew what he was doing.

Claims over social media were made of these false death reports. No one knew whether you should believe them or not. I had hoped that here in Canada, we would not fall into that treachery. But then I received links to information on my provinces own health authority website indicating similar reporting in long term care and of the advisement to report Covid-19 on a death certificate even before it was confirmed.

It wasn’t long after that, while having an outside visit with some friends, we discovered such an incident with one of their client families in his work place. He worked for a funeral home and one family brought their mother to the hospital emergency department for a heart attack. She didn’t make it. The doctor told the family that she died of a heart attack but he wrote on the death certificate that the patient died of Covid 19 with no indication of the heart attack. The family had to corner the doctor to get it reverse. But rest assured, that statistic was probably already well documented as a statistic of Covid and not reversed.

So this is happening up in Canada as well. And stats are being drastically altered to suit an agenda. The agenda of The Great Economy Reset. And the idea that they want all people to be dependent on the government for all their needs.

Many doctors in that series did talk about the theory of a the virus originating from a Wuhan lab. In fact, of the doctors that talked about it, they all seemed to be in agreement that this was a chimera virus, meaning that there were more that one genetic codes or sequences spliced into this virus.

This is something that doesn’t occur in nature. And most believe that Dr. Fauci was involved with that lab. None can say whether it was deliberately let go outside the confines of that lab.

At least one doctor/researcher talked about the Covid variants coming out. And he said that we have submitted it to genetic suppression through our self isolation, masking and now vaccination program for it. Genetic Suppression would result in mutation of the virus or variants to occur.

Under normal circumstances, if this virus was left to run wild, it would of probably ran itself out in 18 months much like the other SARS viruses in the last couple of decades.

Newsweek posted an article from a John Hopkins Doctor stating that the USA is already in Herd Immunity and that the vaccination has progressed enough to cause this. The article also said that those displaying natural immunity to both Covid 19 and it’s variants.

Markary argued that while the topic of natural immunity has often been rejected by most experts in the medical field due to a lack of data, the observational data is showing the majority of Americans may already be protected not only from COVID-19 but also its new variants.


There was so much packed into this docuseries that I really cannot pack it into one little blog post. So hopefully over the next few weeks I will be able to reference it all. Because many of these doctors and researchers have been censored from delivering truthful information and research, instead of listing their names here, I am going to encourage you to purchase the series for yourself here. I will say that I have posted information from many of these researchers/doctors in the blog before. I have purchased the series and I encourage you to do so.

I do want to wrap up this post with one other thought process. I commend the VRevealed team for putting this series together inspite of all the controversy and censorship that is going on.

I want to leave this thought with all of you. Just before I started watching this series, I watched a UFO documentary. No, I am not a UFO chaser however I do admit to being a Star Wars and Trekky fan.

In this documentary (on Prime) it recounted the moments of a forest worker who was believed to have been abducted for a few days.

The term debunker came up in this documentary. And it really sparks some thought as I wasn’t aware that the word “debunk” did not mean scientifically disproven.

There have been professional debunkers through out history. The one they referred to in this series was William Klass. He set out to debunk their story and would find unrelated facts that he used to discredit their story.

He used the financial restraints suffered by the victim as a means to make up an alternative narrative to paint a story of distrust so the public would not believe the story. And when Klass approached the witnesses, they simply said, go ahead, we will do an polygraph for you. He never contacted them again because they had already passed several polygraphs and he knew he was beat.

My point is, when someone says a theory is debunked, they have usually not disproven it by science. Oh, they may have trunked up a partial test or a none scientific finding to make it look good that they knowingly have adjusted the variables so that it works in their favor in a method called pseudoscience.

Do we have professional debunkers today. Of course we do. Snopes and the Facebook Fact Checkers are at the top of the list. They are professional debunking companies that don’t apply good research techniques or proper scientific study. And “debunked” does not mean that they have submitted their findings to a peer review committee. And they do it all in the name of money. Today, for some people it is okay to destroy your own morals in the name of money.

So the next time you see the term “Debunked,” have a very critical eye over it!