Emotions Verses Physical Health

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Some people say what does psychological health have to do with my physical health? Or they say my problem is pain in this spot, why are we doing a psychological or emotional correction?

Well honestly the answer is much more complicated than you think. But the simple answer is that your body works as a whole and not only in little parts.

Modern medicine is great at playing witch doctor and making potions that help pain decrease or disappear. But the honest truth is, take away the pill, and the symptoms usually come back.

Working in emotional or psychological health to help your physical help does not say that your symptoms are in your head. It simply says that the problem is probably much deeper than you realize.

Let look a little closer. This can be only one type of example. But its a very real variation of what could be happening.

All human beings have emotional baggage whether they want to admit it or not. How they deal with that emotional baggage dictates how their wellness level will be.

How you say? Well a normal health individual has a healthy level of hormones. But if a traumatic experience or a series of past experiences happened where they had a significant effect on their life, that could change everything.

We are emotional beings and we react according to our own individual means. But if we are experiencing considerable negativity in our lives where it is do to a past event or series of events or even stress in our lives, we produce negative emotion hormones like Adrenocorticotropic hormone, epinephrine (adrenal) and cortisol.

Especially with the past two hormones, Initially these are to help with fight or flight however  when a person experiences long term stress, the high levels of these hormones actually become the normal and the effects can be detrimental.

Over time, if the stress build up is not released the body has to give somewhere. And that is usually in unwellness, whether that is chronic pain, cancer, cardiac problems, depression/anxiety or even poor gut health. And where that issue will occur will will be unique to the individual.

So we all Know that hormones play on emotion. But using this info, we can go one step further and say poor emotional health can effect physical health.

Modern medicine doesn’t address this properly. But there are professionals that do. One such profession is Natural BioEnergetics. Learn more about it at www.imatterwellness.ca.




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