Just Looking at the Covid-19 Statistics

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There are two types of people out there. Those who choice to go along with everything that they are told and those who choose to question everything. Who are you?

A few weeks ago I responded to a comment on this blog that I eventually deleted. It was obviously spam but it indicated that I was ignoring the Covid 19 pandemic. No I wasn’t but this site was on the back burner right about then as I was ramping up for other projects with the Covid 19.

It looks like I have been sitting and watching and being non-active but I honestly haven’t. I have arranged online presentations. Provided Natural BioEnergetics online group sessions to ramp up people’s immune systems and produced explainer videos on what the statistics are actually telling you.

As the lockdowns persist and continue, I have found myself growing more and more tired of watch people stand down and let their rights be taken away. These same people allow the government to fill their heads with nonsense on how deadly the virus is.

Yes, it will kill a few but it is not taking the numbers that our seasonal flu is taking. Not only that, it’s not behaving like a normal virus. Yes, these types of people just stand down. I am reminded of excerpts I read about Hitler and his regime on how the rights of people were just eroded away and they were lead to believe it was for their own good. Maybe not the same scenario but the end results were the same.

A little over a week ago, I developed this video below. I ask you to look at it with an open mind.

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