Letting Fear Control Your Immune System

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There are two types of people out there in this pandemic. There are those who choose to let fear rule them in the wake of the pandemic and there are those who don’t.

We are not talking about conspiracy theorists here. And we are not stating whether the pandemic is truly dangerous or not. We are simply talking about the difference between these two types of people. And what that means for your health.

If the truth be told, more than 80% of the population will be exposed to this novel virus. It’s inevitable. And honestly, 80% of those exposed & come down with the virus, will only have basic cold symptoms. The other 20% are high risk for more severe symptoms possibly leading to death. But we see less than 1% that actually die from it. And the positive Covid rate per population is minute as well.

We seem to see a rise lately. Time will tell if this is just clusters or whether we are actually going into the second wave. But even so, the majority of the outbreaks are not required to be hospitalized and can recouperate at home until the virus has passed.

How does fear control our immune system in all of this?

It’s not really complicated but it does rely on some very elaborate chemical processes within the body….

You immune system runs optimally when you are at your peak performance, you are nutritionally sound in your diet, when your mind is healthy and when you allow yourself to be exposed to stimula. Stimulas train the immune system giving it memory to respond and the defense to do so. That doesn’t mean you don’t get sick. But your immune system does get stronger after being sick. Take Chicken Pox as an example. Once infected, most people do not re-infect again.

But just as there are factors to keep your immune system healthy, there are factors that will suppress your immune system like drugs, lousy nutrition, lack of sleep, and even stress.

Now fear is categorized under the stress category. To be more exact, the bad stress category. And biochemically, this stress causes a very interesting reaction.

Everyone has heard of the “Fight or Flight” response. Well normally fear triggers that response. That is a natural response. It’s a good response in it’s own element. It releases a series a hormones that allows for your body to respond in either fight or flight. Both have high adrenalin (epinephrine) levels and this is actually normal.

The problem occurs when people are in a prolonged fear state. Prolonged fear brings you to a state where those negative hormones stay in your system. Your body becomes accustomed to these negative hormone levels and learns to function under these levels. However at some point the body has to give way.

Sometimes this happens in a chronic illness. Sometimes this happens in catching everything under the sun. A little over a year ago, I watch myself go into this state after several months of severe prolonged family stress. Finally my body gave way by giving into a major infection.

So staying in fear of the Covid 19 virus can also bring this on. Instead of fighting the infection efficiently, you can bring your body into a severely supressed state that will be more susceptable when exposed.

Let’s face it, we will all be exposed at some point. Keeping your immune system healthy, reducing your fear of it and being sensible will greatly increase your ability to fight it.

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