Management is dead from the neck up!

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Did that catch your eye? Truthfully, my hubby always said this and he had the guts to say it right to his manager’s face.  Unfortunately most of us don’t have that confidence.

Was my hubby ever fired for it? Surprisingly “No” but he was a good worker. There were many a time when management tried to hide him from visiting superiors. All because he always said what he thought. But they also knew he was right. 

Seriously, most of us don’t have that relationship with our bosses. And most of us would be out on our butt if we said anything near what my husband said. But a client brought this article to my attention on Easter Sunday and I have to admit, it definitely supports exactly what my husband said.

This is actually based on research. No longer is this just an assumption or a naive opinion.

Read “How having power is like having brain damage: a new book explains why systems fail” below; 


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