My Intention was Never To Talk About This Stuff

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When I started this blog a few years ago, my intention was to just post common sense articles about your own health that people could access so they could help themselves at home. It was a blog outside of my natural health business and therefore just wasn’t connect to it yet I posted truths in it that I would coach my clients with everyday.

Yes, I would dabble with the blog off and on. I was a one-woman show so it was hard to keep myself on tab for both my business and this website. So I posted when I could. And then life circumstance changed and I almost lost my marriage. I had to close my business down and basically this blog was left for a rainy day. I had to just concentrate on myself for a while.

And then the Covid 19 crisis occurred. And I was inspired to get my business back up and running. I watched from a distance at first carefully analyzing information that came out. Some was not so good information and other stuff was good.

Being careful to not get into conspiracy theories I watched what I could while being laid up with an injury. And then performing Natural BioEnergetics for those who needed it for the Covid Crisis.

I wanted to do more. I wanted to state my thoughts on all platforms available but I just couldn’t. I had been laying low on social media for almost a year due to a gang hit that was ordered on my life in early April 2019 from a prostitute my husband had been extorted by.  Then I realized that this blog was what I had to voice my concerns.

Yes, you see me releasing stuff all of a sudden again. I still don’t take to all the ideas out there but I do weed through what I feel is valid or what I know is from a solid source. Some will be my take on it. Some articles will come from those whom I feel are respected enough in the field to at listen lend an ear too.

I have been in natural health long enough to not take things nicely. This blog is no longer and nicey-nice little blog of common sense info. But rather, an all holds barred blog now. Funny how current events can bring the best out of everyone.

I don’t expect you to agree on everything. That is your prerogative. You have your own brain. I am simply presenting information. I only ask you to consider it and research it for yourselves. After all, good reporting allows for others to share their thoughts.

I invite you all to comment, even if you disagree. That is okay! It shows that you are passionately aware and you value your own opinion. I also welcome discussion. But please be nice!

Since this Covid 19 crisis is bringing this passionate side of me out, I hope that it also brings that side out the passion in you.  I also invite you to like my facebook page and comment there at.

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