New Covid Research shows promise of melatonin in prevention of Covid 19

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One thing is for sure, my whole family has become more attentive to our health through this Plandemic. No longer are they taking science as fact. That is because most science is opinion or “do as I say” instead of proper science research protocol. A real disappointment and embarrassment for someone like myself who worked in a lab setting for so many years.

The problem is that it is backed up by government funding/political agendas or big companies which sway the results to support their needs. Let’s face it, eliminate all data that is contradictory to the opinion of the agenda or product and you can market whatever you want and say it is safe. But when independent studies are done, that is when you get the real results. Such as what happened in this study.

A few weeks ago my husband said that he was youtubing and found a doctor revealing his data on how ivermectin actually showed promise in reversing Covid 19 at certain stages. I found that very interesting because last spring we heard that hydroxycholoquine also showed promise. Immediately pharmacies started to restrict hydroxycholoquine and all but removed it from the shelves.

Hydroxycholoquine is normally used for two things: as an anti-malaria drug and also as a lupus drug. In North American, many people using it for lupus reported  struggling to get access to it for a while at their pharmacy.

For those wanting to use it for Covid 19 could not get it at all anymore. However using simple tonic water, you will get a form of that drug in it in a smaller dose.

What I found interesting was the correlation with ivermectin. For those who don’t know what ivermectin is, it is a drug that is most often used for cattle, horses and even dogs as a dewormer. Essentially, it is an anti-parasitic and anti-malarial for some forms of malaria. Malaria is a parasite. Yes, ivermectin can be used in humans but it is not as common.

I said to my husband, Why? I am really curious as to why. Because both Hydroxycholoquine and ivermectin where anti-parasitic drugs. There has to be something about this. And I began to research.

I not only researched the reason but what else, known to most natural health practitioners, what could be beneficials. And hadn’t quite found what I was looking for until all of a sudden, this one article came to my inbox.

Cleveland Clinic Identifies Melatonin as COVID-19 Treatment

It wasn’t quite an ivermectin or hydroxycholoroquine story but I did some research into it and noticed something really interesting. Melatonin does have anti-parasitic properties and has been used as some natural treatments for certain parasitic infections such as “African Trypanosomiasis” and “Chagus” disease.

Here is what is also interesting about this. Both of these are anti-parasitic infections that originate in the blood just like malaria. Other experiments have also shown that Melatonin has played a role as a adjuvant in therapy for Malaria as well as in this report here.

Why would Melatonin work on Covid 19? And here is what I found out!

I found another report of some research done that indicated that Covid 19 contained splices from both the malaria gene and from the HIV gene. This data was from a prominent pharmacist in France that was opposed to all vaccination for the toxicities in the aluminum adjuvants in the old style vaccination. Old style? I will get to that later.

Anyhow, this pharmacist recently was taken to a mental asylum and later disappear and said to have died, a common trick that dates back to the Russian communism for those who speak out again the government over a century ago. His research was confiscated in the act. You can read this long article here.

Big Tech giants are no different and are working to squash any information that directs people too regular over the counter drugs and/or natural remedies or preventatives. Why? Because they have invested in the proven money-making scheme of vaccination. Regardless of the harm it presents to the public. Many are also a part of the Eugenics movement. Watch more about how Bill Gates found a better investment in the vaccine market and disguises it as philanthropy.

I also talked about Old style Vaccination! Well we have entered into the new generation of vaccination which is not even a vaccination at all. The old style vaccination utilized a dead or attenuated virus or bacteria. This new style vaccination employs a geneticall modified RNA that will re-program your DNA. It also includes nano-particles and AI that will essentially allow them to track you and more. Learn more about this technology with this new article “Here is the Missing Info Facebook“. Privacy will be no longer and soon it will be mandated for all to take it.

Melatonin is promising in this study and Dr. Mercola refers to the statistics well in it. He also encourages you to combine it with known immune boosters like Vitamin D and C, Etc. Read the article in full for full detail. I have forwarded it to some clients for their opinions and the feedback was good. Once again, you can read it here.