Protests Rise as Lockdowns Continue

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Lockdowns are continuing, tempers are growing, Mental Health is strained, Censorship is at an all-time high and protests are starting to climb. We are seeing more and more protests start to rise as government control rises.

As a test in society, I posted on my personal Facebook wall last night an article about the difference of socialism & communism. I was disappointed at the response. I only had a few results.

On one side we have the gung-ho people for the isolation that truly believe that our immune system is truly compromised and weak. On the other side we have those who know better and realize that our immune system is an ingenious creation that is better than any medicine or vaccination out there.

Likewise, on one side we have those who are willing to lay down their rights blindly thinking that everyone is a danger to them. On the other side we have those who realize this is all a hoax.

The post was;

Two left wing ideas! Socialism verses Communism……Hmm, Lately I wonder if federally we are in danger of crossing that line!  (article: How are Socialism and Communism Different?)

It was disappointing on the response. I didn’t care on what type of response I got. Discussion would of been open. But No one cared.

Yet, we hear about the blinded people criticizing the people that are protesting the national closures. Not realizing that our immune systems are resilient enough to respond. It doesn’t mean that people won’t get sick but the statistics are regularly indicating that the majority of people are surviving from this viral attack. And no, it is not due to the lockdowns. In the countries that didn’t lockdown, the statistics are showing a similar result.

Do we need these national lockdowns. These protesters say no. I encourage you to research it and see. There are very real people like Dr. Buttar and Dr. Shiva that are presenting information that make you think.

The message in these protests are:

If you are paranoid about getting sick, just don’t go out,” he wrote, adding that others should not be prevented from “living [their] lives”. — John McDaniel – Marion, Ohio.

People are going bankrupt.  Mental Health is declining. And are people really staying well? Like John McDaniel says, if you are paranoid, stay indoors. But why restrict those who know better and have done the research. If they feel the risk is worth it, then they have the right to exercise that! More on Protests and John McDaniel can be found here.

The moral of the story is that we will probably see more of these risings as we continue with these lockdowns. Rest assure you will see more as time goes on. And until the lockdowns are lifted, governments will loose more and more control.

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