Score One for Parler. Big Middle Finger Up to Big Tech

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Went to do some basic PR work for one of my many websites today and just thought I would give the Parler App just one more try! I couldn’t believe my eyes! They were back on!

I never deleted my Parler App when Parler went down. But I sure missed them. I hardly put any effort at all to my Parler account and I had followers. Maybe not lots but I always found people of kindred spirit there. And I usually checked it weekly since their deplatforming. I was almost giving up. When it happened! They were back!

Not only was it up but Parler fans were back with a vengeance. It seems that people join in and support the underdog! Parler fans were doing just that.

After a few posts, including an “I missed you Parler” post, I was getting post votes like crazy. Felt so good to be a part of the Parler Community again. 

Parler said its new platform was built on “sustainable, independent technology.”

The app is no longer available in app stores however you can save the link your home screen on any device. I have a feeling many free speech supporters will be going to this model. On some smart phones like iPhone, the app can be removed with just an update without your knowledge if your setting are not just right.

Lawsuits from left wing supporters have already been launched to companies like Apple for not removing apps like Telegram. Its only a matter of tome when removals begin.

GAB and already have set their websites up to save to home screen by automatically saving an icon to your smart device. This may be the wave of the future.

Among the rebel social media platforms, one may find comfort at other emerging technologies. Some are even decentralized (based on blockchain technology) therefore making it hard to delete.

I am on everyone of them and quite enjoy the community there. I have included a link into my profile at most of these platforms.

You can also follow research and health information on my Telegram Channel Here 

So here is a big middle finger up to Big Tech now that is back. Follow me on Parler Here