Stomach Acid a problem?

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Many westerners have a problem with stomach acid. But what is the real problem and how can we combat it drug free?

Is it something we can avoid? Is it something that we can change in our diets? Can we avoid it all together?

I’ve seen many diverse versions of this problem from simple heartburn to full on ulcers. The problem usually boils down to some imbalances in your system and a nasty bacteria called H. Pylori.

Even today, many people will argue that H. Pylori is not responsible for stomach ulcers. The age old tradition was to blame it on stress. However, even if stress is involved, usually the stress allows for the body to decrease it’s resistance that allows for the invasion of unwanted cling-ons like bacteria, viruses and other nasties. These unwanted nasties, play havoc with your health.


Acid reflux is the common issue, and ulcers are not the only outcome. Taking some natural aid can induce relief and in some cases, over time, kill off those nasty bugs. Remember, everything takes time, overnight cures hardly ever exist.

This article talks about the use of coconut oil in the fight back against stomach acid conditions. Coconut oil has good bacteria fighting powers. I encourage you to real more about this.

Cayenne Pepper is another natural aid that people use to combat H. Pylori. Read about cayenne pepper and other natural rememdies for H. Pylori here.


Still sounds confusing? Talk with a Naturopath or a Natural BioEnergetics Practitioner. They can guide you through the natural treatment process that is drug-free. However, if you see bleeding coming from your stomach (ie: the vomitting of blood), report to the nearest emergency department at your local hospital for help. This could indicate the need for emergency intervention.






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