Super Brain Yoga

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Yoga seems to be a leading exercise of stretching and meditation today. Actually it is more than that and it is aimed at the body and mind as a whole.

But super brain yoga holds the same for the brain. And the advantages are incredible.

I first heard about it early in my training as a great tool for those with learning disabilities, ADHD, etc. However the advantages are even more plentiful.

Here are some more leading benefits to this simple, yet effective exercise you can do on your own.

  • It can give your brain more energy and allow it to become more active.
  • increase inner peace
  • Great to help relieve anxiety and other mental health issues
  • Increase brain function
  • Increase detoxification
  • Help to balance you
  • & So much more.

Here is an article on Super Brain Yoga called “What is SuperBrain Yoga.”

Here is a good video on SuperBrain Yoga