The Problem with Asymptomatic Transmission

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The “Powers That Be” would have you all believe that asymptomatic transmission is a fact. But are there a few holes in that theory? Is there really such a thing in this whole Covid 19 pandemic of asymptomatic transmission? Or is it another fear tactic that the media and government would have you

Let’s examine this a little closure and look at documents and information founded  by other professionals and see what they have to say about this whole thing. And let’s take a look at a different theory as to why authorities are trying to stick to this analogy.

I have been hearing over and over again that you could be an asymptomatic carrier.  In the beginning, this was not the case. For the first few months you never hear about this. Infact, they all preached that you had to be within the 6 foot distance to even contact it. But as the pandemic burned on, more and more contradictions came to be. And today we really don’t know what to make of anything said about the pandemic.

The truth is, I have not really seen a whole lot of positive people. No I am not saying the virus doesn’t exist. But I am questioning how the whole narrative is being delivered to the public. Is this whole pandemic really what it seems?

In paragraph nine of the following article “Sask. residents pulling together as pandemic rages a hallmark of 2020: chief medical health officer” we find the revered Dr. Shahab in Saskatchewan rattling off about how asymptomatic transmission happens especially within 2 before symptoms occur.

I am afraid that even if this is possible, that is not a true asymptomatic carrier. Because that carrier actually does not ever show symptoms. The symptoms he may have are just not at a point where they are recognizable. But if in two days he has symptoms, he is not an asymptomatic carrier. A better term for this is “Pre-Symtomatic.”

But what most people understand when you talk about asymptomatic carriers, they think of the implied fact that this person never actually gets sick or any of the symptoms ever. That is actually what an asymptomatic carrier is. Have you heard of “Typhoid Mary?” She was a true asymptomatic carrier. She never acquired the typhoid symptoms yet continued to spread it to everyone around her. She was apprehended and eventually jailed for it in the early 1900’s. True Story!

But is that actually happening with Covid 19? Honestly, I haven’t heard about that happening. The incubation period of this virus is 10 to 14 days they say. So how could people be asymptomatic carriers indefinitely of this virus? Where is the documented proof for this idea?

Here is a fact that many may not know. Most live and attenuated vaccinations actually shed for a period afterwards. Any vaccinated child is recommended to not be brought near anyone with a weakened immune system like those with cancers. But recently, this has been changed to say that it is the unvaccinated people that are causing these spreads. Why has this narrative changed? Is there proof? Isn’t this a form of asymptomatic transmission?

The WHO originally released that through contract tracing, they have found that there is a very low percentage of asymptomatic people actually transmitting the virus. Yet authorities have continued to impose masking, isolation and restrictions on their citizens.

Although I have no respect for Dr. Fauci, he has been quoted to say that asymptomatic carriers have never been the driving force behind any epidemic. Finally some truthful words out of this man’s mouth.

I challenge you to watch the following video. Dr. Buttar not only explains the increased numbers of Covid, the increases in positive tests, and the decreases in percentages of deaths but also challenges you to question what is actually going on here. Using this information, in the following video about the rising Positive Covid tests, I want to ask you the question, “Is there truly an asymptomatic carrier?”

Now, being the thinking people that we are and using information from all of these videos, can we truly believe that Covid is being spread by asymptomatic carriers as the authorities would have you believe?

As a person with a medical lab background, I completely agree with Dr. Buttar. I have recently written an article on “The Covid PCR Test was never intended for mass worldly testing”  I used data from other sources to show how the PCR test can be exploited to falsely represent the true picture in this so called Covid 19 pandemic. Dr. Buttar really sums up what was said in the above short little video about the PCR test.

Armed with the knowledge of what the methodology of a PCR test is, I have really been challenged in accepting the narrative being sold in recent months. I have found it hard to believe that the Covid Numbers are really as high as they are, That the death rate is as high as it is and that asymptomatic carriers are really the root of our entire pandemic.

The other issue that allows authorities to rant on the asymptomatic carrier is the fact that the PCR is amplified so much that people are remaining positive for as much as 90 days post symptoms. Authorities could be taking this as an asymptomatic person.

But in actual fact, the person only has residual RNA in his system from the virus that indicates a possible infection in the past. He is no longer infectious. I also touched upon this in the article I wrote: “The Covid PCR Test was never intended for mass worldly testing

And as Dr. Buttar did in the above video, I also challenge you to question the narrative that is being delivered. Let’s not be “Sheeple” as Dr. Buttar referred to us and start to question what is really happening. You don’t have to be  a doctor, professor or anything special to question it. Research it. Don’t take my word for it, research it.

And don’t go to Google, Youtube or those main search engines. They will feed you what they want you to find out. Use search engines like Duck Duck Go and video hosts like Places that don’t censor what you are searching.


Big Tech has been censoring information like this for the last few years and more so since Covid 19 arrived.

Why? Well it is simple. They have invested in vaccine companies like Moderna and Pfizer and don’t want the truth to cripple their investment. Therefore, they have been de-platforming those who speak truth.

Strangely new social media platforms are arising and giving a voice to solid peer review and truthful information. I have been starting to engage in these platforms and I invite you to follow me there to receive useful information I have collected. For a full list where you can find me, visit this Page