Things you need to know about choosing your care

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Pharmaceutical companies would have you choose them over natural health. Big money is invested yearly to create and make new drugs. This sounds wonderful but does it really mean?

They would have you believe that natural is snake  oil! All because they cannot make money on natural cures. They cannot Patton a natural product that already exists in nature…..only a created product.

Not to mentioned the statistics involved in their business. You hardly hear of deaths involved in natural health and even if you did, it usually isn’t the natural health model that killed them, only the fact that they were too far gone to fix the situation.

Yet, somehow, modern medicine finds a way to kill off millions of people over the years and get away with it by disguising it as something else. Yes there are always risks in any treatment you choose but you always have a choice.

The link below is a compilation of 5 good articles you can start to educate yourself on when it comes to choices over Big Pharma Treatment verses Natural Therapy.




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