Why is there an increase in gluten intolerance today?

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We see an ever increasing rate of irritable bowel, diverticulitis, crohn’s, colitis, bowel cancers, skin disorders and/or rashes, cramping, brain fogginess, and many other issues that are popping up and a greater frequency than a few decades ago. Why is it so?

Many would like to blame it solely on the increased population but the increases are out of proportion. There must be another answer. And some like to say that our techniques are just that much better today. But honestly, our diagnostic techniques today, although better, have not improve to that exponentional.

Although there may be a few other variables for this sudden sky rocket increase that economy dictates for us not even to consider. I want to touch on one item in particular that is also garnering a huge increase in attention in these later days – gluten intolerance. Let’s do a comparison on the increase of these levels verses the increase of the disease and a few possible factors.

There have been a few scientists doing correlations between the introduction of GMO crops and the increased use of Glyphosate (Round Up).


Here is a short article on Glyphosate and gluten intolerance.


The graph above, taken from the article link above shows the increase of gluten intolerance following the same curve as the increase of Round Up use is increased. What this graph doesn’t show is the increase of of GMO crops that hit the market in about 1996. If that line was added to the graph, it would parallel along with both the gluten intolerance bar graphs and the Round UP (Glyphosate) line.

Yet no one will admit that there is a correlation. Why? It will kill Monsanto’s market. Some European countries are already blocking Monsanto’s entrance into their market or kicking their international company out.

Read this article on 35 countries that have banned Monsanto.

Correction studies have been done with a number of diseases along side the introduction of GMO crops. Although not conclusive, they do introduce some very interesting questions. For example; Is this due to the increased Glyphosate or the increase of GMO crops designed to withstand the increased Glyphosate application? Or is it due to both? Has the protein in gluten molecule changed? Or is there a new dietary element added to the GMO crop that is not tolerate by our digestive tracts or other organs in our bodies. And many other questions that many other people, scientists and doctors are coming to realize.

Here is a very good article on “How GMO’s impact the gluten free diet” How GMO’s impact the gluten free diet”

One thing is for sure, many people find that when they eliminate GMO forms of gluten from their body (which often means the elimination of glyphosate crops as well), their bodies do slowly purge and start to return to normal in many cases.

Help in this area is not normally found in western (allopathic) medicine. One is usually forced to find naturopathic alternative forms of help such as naturopaths, holistic nutritionists or natural BioEnergetic practitioners for the elimination help that they need.


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