80:20 Split! What does that mean?

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Mainstream healthcare has done a very excellent job in promoting the idea that healthcare is practitioner based. They want us to believe that they hold the keys to our wellness. And people today are falling head over heals for this idea! After all, doctors are god in their eyes…

Here is the problem with it. If this is true, why are so many people still sick? Have you ever thought that your sickness cushions their pocket book as well as the entire pharmaceutical industry?


Medicine today tries to take the responsibility out of the hands of the patient and move the control over to the physician and Big Pharma. How do you say this happens? Well they present the idea, if your a good person, you will follow these directions I give you taking the “think for yourself” idea out of the equation. And then they villinize any other therapy and working to make these other treatments and alternative modalities illegal.

And it has worked well. People have willingly given up their responsibility in their health and wellness and give it over to mainstream medicine.  80% of the people give 20% or less effort in putting an effort into getting well because they think that is the way it should be. They believe that it is entirely the doctor’s responsibility in getting them well. Modern terms we call this non-compliance.


But really, people are conditioned to think this way. And because of it, we see it trickling into the Natural Health world. I have had people walk into my office and say, “I will give you a try! But nothing else works so you probably won’t either.” Almost like they wanted a miracle cure. But they are not willing to do the work necessary to get well because after all, the practitioner is responsible for my wellness, not me.

There is no miracle cure out there. But I can tell you, the biggest part of my job is convincing people that they are responsible for their own wellness. And of all the clients I have, 20% give more than 80% effort in getting well. Those are my success stories.

The only miracle I can pull out of my hat is the ability to convince already brainwashed clients that they are in control of their health. No I cannot promise miracle cures because it is up to the individual.

A good percentage of that 80% also believes that natural medicine works like allopathic medicine. Instead of “here is my symptom, give me a pill,” they expect a “Here is my symptom, give me a herb.” Very much like the pill. But natural medicine goes beyond that and usually means a lifestyle change, and environmental change and/or an emotional adjustment of some sort.

Allopathic medicine works to help people maintain lifestyle. Alternative medicine works to change lifestyle for the better. And most people are unwilling to make that change…..hence the 80%.


This 80% are not willing to give up the idealism that allopathic medicine has instilled in them. And breaking through that idealism is a hard thing to do. It’s like the old adage that an addict won’t get help until he is absolutely ready too and willing to admit that he has a problem. The same goes here.

This ties very closely in with an earlier post I made on “Does thought process affect healing.”

No Natural Health Practitioner or doctor has a miracle cure. Some may be better at convincing others to take their health into their own hands. However, people will be people. And of those willing to give it an effort, the reward usually pays off.


Whether you are seeing an acupuncturist, a naturopath, a homeopath or a natural bioenergetics professional, I encourage you to do a check on your expectations. If you are coming into it with the idea that the practitioner does all the work, then you may be very disappointed.

If you come into it with the idea that “I have to do my share, please show me how.” then you are more likely to be rewarded. Because all practitioners are trying to guide you into wellness. Their techniques may vary between each other but they all have a common perspective that they are working from…..teaching you how to maintain your own wellness.



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