EMF, WIFI, 3G, LTE and 5G – The harm in them.

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Unless you live up in the mountains, deep in the forest away from civilization, it is pretty hard to get away from this stuff.  Everyone is connected with smartphones today. You may be resistant to the technology but if you live in any civilized and populated area, you are being affected regardless of what you think…..

The other day I saw an add on Facebook that SaskPower (the power company in Saskatchewan) was now restarting their smart meter program back up for businesses. A few years ago they were removing them because a few had been reported to cause fires.

What the public does not know is fires were the least of the problems. If your home or business has one of these, it can have extreme detrimental effects on your health. From skin  sesitivities to headaches to even cancer. Yeah, some say everything causes cancer…..this is just the age. No, I say, it does not. And people lack reason and willingness to do their research.

Smartmeters are among a growing number a frequency based units out there that are causing Electromagnetic smog. This is a smog you cannot see. But it is there and for some people, it is making them extremely sick. The WHO recognizes this as a real problem.

In Saskatchewan we have 3G and LTE for our cellular network. These are bad enough. Other provinces are introducing 5G. This promises greater download speeds but at what cost. 5G is a huge problem and is much more of a problem than the other frequencies around. Saskatchewan will fall victim to the 5G craze soon enough.


I encourage you to read this Article on these frequencies to come a little more up to speed on smartmeters, 5G and more. You will be surprised at what happens to people when exposed to these frequencies.

Here is also some information on “the Wicked Dangers of 5G”. Both the article and this video provide you with some valuable information in beginning your investigation into the harm of EMF.


Since you cannot get away from the EMF smog, protecting yourself is key. Not very many professionals are equipped in finding the appropriate protection. And not all protection works on everyone. You should visit a Natural BioEnergetics professional to find the appropriate shielding and protection for your needs.



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