Have You Heard of Block Therapy

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When I woke up this morning I was reminded that I wanted to do an article on Block Therapy. What reminded me of this?

Simple, I slept wrong and my neck was kinked. Technically, a group of muscles had tightened up in my neck and the strain was starting to shoot down into my back and shoulder blades.

So out came my block of wood and I began my now go to self therapy – block therapy. And what a relief it was.

Is block therapy a fix all for those kinds of issues. Well I cannot really say that. As with any injury, you should have it properly checked out by a professional. But I can say that it is a perfect therapy to include with any rehab and I am a perfect example of that.

Last summer I slipped and fell and had my first known bone fracture – a hairline radial head fracture in my elbow. The bone pain was minimal but my muscles up my entire arm (to my shoulder blade) told me otherwise. Even after 2 weeks of immobilization and a full six weeks of recoup tome, my muscles still spasmed and were super weak. Normally, one was expected to have physio therapy but even getting there was a problem in a Covid environment.

I started to go for RAPID treatments three months after the injury and had some success. However, my schedule did not permit me to continue travelling to those treatments. And therefore for two weeks, I applied block therapy and never looked back.

Yes, it can give you a few hours to a few days of tenderness after. And it can be extremely painful as the muscles and fascia are releasing. But the relief is so worth it afterwards.

Fascia is the connective tissue that hold every one of our cells together. Due to surgery, injury and unconscious posture & breathing, restriction in our body form and adhere to anything in the way – including bone. These adhesions will pull the body out of alignment blocking cells from blood and oxygen flow, resulting in: 

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Basically, and ideally, using the wood block they provide, you apply pressure to the spot by either leaning on the block of wood or laying on it. It is much like when a massage therapist holds some spots to release tightened sections of muscle or fascia.

You continue to hold the block of wood in that spot until you either feel the pain decrease or the area release. Sometimes this takes several minutes. And if the pain around it is extremely high, I find slow deep breaths through it helps immensely.

Block Therapy is a Therapy, Exercise and Meditation

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To get started with block therapy, one goes to the Block Therapy website and purchases one of their starter kits. You will then have a temporary logon access to info on how to apply the block therapy to you. You can extend the membership as you want and as you need. But still, membership or not, you can save hundreds of dollars on appointments that don’t get you as far as fast.

If you are cruising around in their website, you will eventually notice that they even have a professional training program. Although I personally haven’t taken it, I would think it would be a great benefit.

Even before purchasing your block therapy kit, there is good information about the therapy. Some even incorporate it into their exercise program.

I have applied it for muscle tension resulting from disc issues, migraines and to my hyper mobile knee problem. Once you get going in a single session, you always seemed to fond more areas to apply it too.

So if you are desperate, this might be a technique for you to try.